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Rainbow Words!

Please keep practicing your rainbow sight words on your word ring! When your child has mastered their words, send in the word ring and we will test them. If they pass, they will get the next set of words on their ring! Fluency with high frequency words is a huge part of reading fluency. Keep up the hard work!

Click below for some Youtube videos to help learn your sight words:

Red Words

Orange Words

Yellow Words



Kindergarten Team - Mrs. Inglish, Ms. Straw, Ms. Okamura

Kindergarten is an amazing year of growth for your child! They come in at the beginning of the year, fresh and eager, motivated to learn. We start with letters and numbers, and end with reading and writing sentences! It is a year of tremendous change and forward progress. We are excited to begin this journey with your children!

Kindergarten Foundational Skills


     As we begin our new school year, it is important to really focus on the foundational skills that your child will need, to build upon for the rest of the school year.

     We are currently focusing on learning the letter names, letter sounds, and numbers to 30. We will be moving beyond these skills this year, but this is our starting point. Please make sure that you really work on these foundation skills now, so that we can progress to reading and writing words and sentences, counting to 100, working with numbers by decomposing, adding, subtracting, and many other higher level skills.

Our Kindergarten Teachers:

Click on the teacher's name below to be connected to their website. Also, clicking on the envelope next to their name allows you to send a message via email.

Our Kinder Teachers

Inglish, Shelly
Okamura, Cheryl
Straw, Valerie

Video Resources

Here are some more video resources to help your child:


Alphabet Songs

Storybots Letter Songs

Jack Hartmann Letter Songs



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