Wescove School


In order to maintain our positive and safe climate the consequences for not being in the proper dress code are as follows: your child will be given two warning notes for being out of compliance. With the third offense you will be asked to bring a change of clothes to school for your student.

Operation School Bell

If you need help in attaining the appropriate school clothes our school office can help! An organization called “Operation School Bell” provides two complete sets of clothes including shoes. Please call the office at 6262-939-4870 for information.

Dress Code

In accordance with Board Policy and our school's goals, to promote high expectations of academic achievement and to make Wescove Elementary School a positive learning climate, we are asking that you ensure that your child is wearing the following adopted dress code.

Approved Dress Code Policy:


  • TOPS: Polo shirt/top must be solid navy blue, light blue or white
    • must be solid - no stripes or designs of any sort
  • BOTTOMS: pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers must be solid navy blue or khaki
  • FRIDAYS - School Spirit Day - students may wear School logo t-shirts and black or blue jeans


Research supports that when we are dressed for success either for work or school our performance level is higher. We appreciate your support of our school’s dress code policy. We look forward to a very productive year and remember our doors are always open to help you in any way we can to make sure your child succeeds.

Students wearing uniforms - navy collared shirt, khaki shorts white collared  shirt, navy skirt light blue collared shirt, khaki pants

The following items are not accepted at any time:

  • Baggy, oversized or sagging clothing
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Graphic t-shirts
  • Musical/roller shoes
  • Spiked jewelry or accessories of any kind
  • Dangling earrings/belts
  • Fake tattoos
  • Leggings worn as pants
  • Ripped, cut or torn clothing
  • Short shorts (shorts must extend past finger tips)
  • Crop tops/midriff tops/tank tops/off the shoulder
  • Shirts advertising tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • Shirts without collars/striped shirts
  • Belt chains/Wallet chains
  • Camouflage clothing of any kind
  • Make up of any kind
  • Cologne/perfume
  • Face piercings of any kind