Wescove School

Wonderful Wescove Wallabies

Wescove has a brand new mascot!  The Wallabies are here in town!  Get into your school spirit and cheer them on!  What exactly is a wallaby?  The wallaby is in the kangaroo family, but smaller in size.  Young wallabies are known as joeys.  They dwell in the forests of Australia.  Wallabies are classified as marsupials, mammals with a pouch to carry their young.  They like to eat fresh leaves and shrubs on the forest floor.


Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's Room

My name is Patrice Kelly and I am so excited to work with your children.  I have 22 years of teaching experience at various grade levels.  I have had the honor of teaching at Wescove for 18 years.  I earned my degree and teaching credential at Cal Poly Pomona.  I also hold a masters degree in Reading and Literacy. I am here for your children and it is a pleasure working with these joyful little people.

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